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Align with your Divine DNA, join a synergy
network of awakening health facilitators.

Soul. Shamanism. Software


Meet Sarah,

Visionary, Medicine woman and Founder of Karma Well Health Technologies, a global awakening heath software network and training company for soul centered Awakening Health Practitioners.

With over twenty years working with people as a practitioner and as a serial entrepreneur in health and wellness, I have become expert in the fields of somatic and autonomic nervous systems and conscious entrepreneurship as well as mysticism and metaphysics. 


I am on a mission

I didn't always understand awakening, conscious evolution or the esoteric principles; and I certainly didn't believe in - or even know about - ancient wisdom practices or sacred technologies.

I had no idea there was knowledge or a set of practices in this world that could take me beyond the constraints of my absorbed conditioning, limitations of my ancestral patterning and restrictions of my everyday-thinking mind.

I didn’t know these practices that would take me into the deeper, more authentic realms of myself and would open me to more bliss than I ever imagined, soul gifts that were very much beyond my comprehension, orgasmic states I only ever read about in books, and a deep unshakable sense of knowing who I am and how I’m most authentically called to express myself in this life.

I am building an awakening health care system within our healthcare system, based on a new ecology - a marketplace that teaches folks how to heal deliberately and consistently as a way of life as a process of soul embodied awakening. A system that is built by conscious practitioners, for practitioners to both resource themselves and thrive as facilitators in this time of great awakening.

Transform your awareness and find your tribe awakening


Reclaim your body and your bodies wisdom.

Return to the rhythm

of the earth and connect in a hub.

Activate your

divine DNA and anchor in your life purpose.

Join an online awakening community,

and contribute to the collective health.

Connect with your soul family and clear trauma imprints.

Up regulate your luminous

energy feild and frequency 

Leadership for Awakening Health

We each have a perfectly prescribed path to activationg our divine DNA


Are you feeling the quake?

You are ready for a dramatic uplevel and you are eager to see beyond the veil of who you know yourself to be and discover the person you are designed to be.

Your AUTHENTIC SELF - your embodied SOUL.

You are willing to go deep, get vulnerable, and be deeply witnessed in your majesty. 

You want to discover what is blocking your full spectrum aliveness.

You can SENSE that there's something more to life but don't know how to access it You are open minded and curious about new lenses on reality

What people are saying

Sarah’s human design & gene keys readings are so enlightening and enlivening. This is definitely her mastery, supporting you to ‘feel’ your soul map and to make clear connections for next steps and alignments in your life. I really enjoy reaching out to book sessions based on a specific sticky point or desire in my life, i feel oriented, clearer, heard & seen. Her experience as a practitioner of many body based modalities is felt in how she holds the space. She opens portals with her words & her clarity activates the potency within.

Courtney Wren Mabbutt MSW, RSW, Medicine Woman

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