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Advanced Therapeutic Certifications

In her 20 years as a registered massage therapist she has trained extensively in advanced therapeutic modalities.

  • 2004: Visceral Manipulations; Tough hollow and Muscular Organs

  • 2006: Osteopathic Technique

  • 2007: OFA level 3 First Aid certification

  • 2009: Certified at Kripalu style 300 hour Yoga Instructor and Life Coach

  • 2010 – 2013: Integrated Facial Therapy – 7 Levels of Myofacial Craniosacral training, including advanced visceral release, facial release of the cranial vault, TMJ and the Cervical Spine

  • 2012 Spa Management - inSPArations.

  • 2013: Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy & Infant Massage

  • 2014: Leadership + Conflict Resolution

  • 2016: Kinesis Myofascial Integration training

  • 2018: 75 Hour Katonah Yoga training in Pantelleria, Italy

  • 2019: Advanced Meditation and Mindfulness teacher training

Body Work

Yoga and Holistic Health Coach

After receiving my 300 Yoga Teacher training in Kelowna, I opened my Crave Wellness Retreats where for 12 years I hosted and collaborated and curated healing retreat events at Mabel Lake Eco-Retreat Centre. I now teach movement as medicine in private sessions combining breath, asana and massage called Yogassage.

Soul Schoool

After completing the Activation, Venus and Pearl sequences for myself, i became a certified Gene Keys Guide and additionally studied the Epiphany Experience, The Art of Contemplation, The 7 Sacred Seals, Dare to be Devine, The 64 ways, and The Mudras. I am a member and presenter of the Gene Keys Entrepreneur club and I have been coaching on the golden path for two years. My Human Design training is with Master teacher Karen Curry Parker.

Mountain Shamanism - Full Mesa Carrier + Black Stone Mesa Carrier in Soul retrieval.

Peruvian Mountain shamanism uses many techniques that are not plant based or enthogenic in application. Through understanding the elements, the intelligence of nature and ceremony through the Four Directions of the medicine wheel, Mesa carriers guide awakening through story, shamanic journeying, prayer and song.

Conscious Entrepreneurship Mentor 

My first big business was a massage franchise i started in 2008 and sold in 2018, called Crave Massage. As a mystic i see businesses as ascended masters that are here to teach and advance our soul refinement. Karma Well Health is a software company that I have founded that will serve as a tool and a bridge to those seeking help with initiations in the form of illness, by connecting them to practitioners and funding them with corporate and community donations. 

I teach and mentor conscious entrepreneurs as well as healing practitioners on the laws of synergy and the energetics of abundance. 

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