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The Medicine Wheel is a Four Directions training and initiation that guides us in developing our inner healer, warrior, teacher and visionary. This initiatory cycle is the most transformative work I have come across in this lifetime. The tools, practices and teachings are deep and change how we live, see and die.


We begin in the South, with the teachings of the Serpent, and learn how to master our stories and let go, shed our skins like the snake. We learn how to effortlessly move around obstacles on our path, and embrace the teachings of fluidity and grace. 


We enter the place of the setting sun next, the West, and learn how to cultivate our own inner warrior, walking, without enemy,  in this lifetime or the next. In this direction, we clear out our genetic stories, those stories that travel down a family line from one generation to the next.











Stories of illness, money, work, family dynamic, interconnection, relationship. We learn how to face our fears and create  a “right use of power.”

Next we learn from the Royal Hummingbird of the North, cultivating our own greatest teacher inside us, detaching from outcome and how to directly create JOY. We learn how to drink from the nectar of life. This moves us into the East, or the place of the rising sun, the Gate of the Visionary, the Eagle and Condor.

In the East, we learn the tools and practices for clear vision, how to step into our destiny or dharma, and how to see the next steps on our path. There is no way to put into words what is gifted through these amazing teachings. They simply change every day of our lives, how we move, see and will choose to die in this two legged form.

Dreams do come true! You are the only one who can dream them! Medicine Wheels will be taught whenever there is a group ready to learn, regardless of location.


For millennia, the shamans of the Andes have understood what Western culture has ignored: That true healing is the awakening to a vision of our ageless nature and the experience of infinity.


Healing practices are sacred technologies that transform the body, heal the soul, and can change the way we live and die.

My passion is bridge these ancient wisdom teaching with modern neuroscience to teach you how to bring about the life and health you have dreamed of.

The concept of sacred reciprocity comes from the Quechua word, ayni. Quechua is the Indigenous language of the ancestral peoples of the Andes, specifically Peru. Ayni is a principle of receptivity and gratitude, marked by a lifestyle of giving back in an inhale-exhale type relationship with the natural world.

We live in Kausay Pacha – the world of living energy. Everything in the universe is living and mutually connected – from the smallest creature on earth to the stars in the sky.


“Kausay” means abundance and “Pacha” means living, and for the Andean people, the name of our planet and our universe is “the world of living abundance.”


What people are saying...

"Sarah, guided a group of my dearest friends and myself through a healing circle session, based on the passing of my husband of 50 years. She was  gentle in her guidance, exceptionally knowledgeable on the spiritual effect on all of us. Her empathetic generosity allowed the participants to find a way of expressing their pain and sorrow. The kindness of her soul created a wonderful setting and let us come to an end on a lighthearted and graceful note"

Angelika Jaeger, Artist

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Shamanic Session 

Hands on Healing or by distance. This includes a shorter dialogue and longer Energy Treatment working with the mesa and ceremony for healing and soul retrieval. 



A Despacho is a prayer bundle or offering…an expression of gratitude to heal physical and emotional ailments of any kind, to restore balance or harmony where it is off, or when there’s a specific request of the spirit world.

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Facilitated support in ritual, ceremonial rites of passage, circle collaborations and journey's have been my medicine since 2009. I offer guidance to those seeking a container of excellence.


Land acknowledgement

It is my great privilege and honour to work and play in the Okanagan region, situated on the traditional, unceded territory of three Interior Salish nations: the Syilx, Secwépemc, and Nlaka'pamux peoples.


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