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Starting May 3, 2024

"Liberated Love: A Somatic Exploration of the Venus Sequence"

Embark on a profound  exploration weaving tantra, somatic healing and your Gene Keys soul map. This 12 week course is meticulously crafted for individuals and couples, providing a unique opportunity to heal and deepen their sovereign and relational intimacy and awaken their body into greater and greater capacity for transformation.


Who is this for?

Our intention is clear: to equip you with the tools to build new patterns, particularly addressing childhood trauma.

This online retreat journey is designed to guide  attendee's through the nuanced process of embodying their Gene Keys, unlocking a richer understanding of their souls awakening within relationship. (This also applies to heart healing after break up or when we are confused about why we struggle to stay in relationship)


Over 12 workshops we will delve into the relational dynamics of couples caught in repeating patterns, offering specialized tools to navigate these relational ruts and turn them into tools for deeper intimacy and self understanding.

This course extends its reach to somatic practitioners eager to explore the Gene Keys, offering a comprehensive journey into the intentional mapping of one's sequence.


Learn how to apply somatic embodiment practices to integrate this knowledge, creating a powerful framework for personal and collective healing.

Couples and individuals will equally benefit from shared tools for intimacy, fostering a deeper connection and understanding both with Self and other. 


This program is also well-suited for individuals working with lineage trauma and early imprints, offering a holistic approach to healing and growth.

Join us on this immersive exploration, where the integration of somatic healing and Gene Keys becomes a catalyst for profound personal and collective transformation.


Embrace the opportunity to map, learn, and embody your unique sequence, unlocking the keys to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Components of the Container

Welcome to a Life of Absolute Magic


Somatic Relational Healing

Somatic therapy techniques aim to increase awareness of bodily sensations and help individuals regulate their physiological responses. This may involve practices such as mindfulness, breathwork, movement, and body-centered interventions to release tension and promote relaxation.



Tantra is associated with spiritual and holistic practices that emphasize the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It encourages individuals to explore and embrace all aspects of themselves, fostering self-acceptance and self-love.


Gene Keys

The journey through your Venus Sequence is a simple self teaching journey that comes alive in your life as you learn to apply its many insights. Giving you a new vision of what’s possible in your relationships, it has a profound and lasting impact on your life.

Your Venus Sequence gently guides us into some of the unconscious patterns we each carry deep in our DNA, teaching us to trust in our self love and live with a permanently open heart.


Shadow Work.

Shadow work is a deeply introspective and transformative process that involves exploring the hidden, often unconscious aspects of the self. Rooted in psychology and spiritual practices, shadow work aims to bring light to the aspects of ourselves that we have repressed, denied, or disowned. These aspects, known as the "shadow," can include our fears, insecurities, traumas, and unacknowledged desires.

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What are Gene Keys?

The Mystical Heart Wound Map

The path of this three month container is the mapping of your unique essence as delineated by your Gene Keys. We are each born with an imprint from the cosmos that informs the way we perceive ourselves. 

Over the 12 weeks you will be mentored on refining and deepening into your perfectly aligned path of healing the wounds of the heart. The Venus Sequence programme gently guides us into some of the unconscious patterns we each carry deep in our DNA, teaching us to trust in our self love and live with a permanently open heart.

Included in the purchase of this online retreat is your curated Venus Sequence companion, both to support your journey within the container as well as to facilitate your continued embodied experience.

Included in this online retreat is  your own Venus Sequence curated home program that never expires and contains;
Learn more about the Venus Sequence from the Founder Richard Rudd.

What's Included

6 90 minute Gene Keys, Tantra, Mystical Anatomy Lessons
6 90 minute Somatic relational deepening into connection lessons
Purchase and set up learning portal for self study of the Venus Sequence.
12 recordings
Group community thread


Meet the Facilitators

Learn to trust in our self love for living with an open heart.

Learn more from our wisdom classes. 

Join us


8 Participants



May 3 - July 19th, 2024


Fridays at 10 am - 11:30 PST


$2400 CAD for Couples

$1600 CAD for Singles

Monthly payments available

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