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Soul Somatic + Activation

January 23- Feburary 20 - Guided Gene Keys Activation Sequence with Nervous System Regulation and Mystical Embodiment Practices


Practical wisdom for navigating initiations.

Your Gene Keys are the path to rewire your default survival patterns.


This 5 week online program goes beyond self-discovery to show you the specific survival patterns in your DNA keeping you stuck. In this experience, you'll learn how to optimize your nervous system and activate your soul mission, and embody YOUR uniqueness- your special essence. YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF - is your Soul.

Are you ready to dive into the depths of who you are and mine the gems within so you can share more of your gifts with the world with effortlessness and ease?

Soul guidance is a process of deconditioning. When we decondition our identity from the expectations we have adopted, only then can we deeply feel and marinate in our own soul wisdom.

When you activate your unique zone of genius and let your radiance shine to the world, you become more magnetic and people can feel that authenticity radiating from the inside out.


Come join us for the Gene Keys Activation Sequence Program Curated with somatic and poly-vagal techniques to activate your zone of genius in your life and work, and share your unique gifts in the way that's true for you.

Classes start January 16 and repeat for 5 weeks at 7 pm.

What is the Soul Somatic?


In this program, you will be guided and be learning a combination of custom therapeutic somatic nervous system and poly-vagal regulating exercises synced with your unique Gene Keys soul chart. We do this as a small group and every exercise is curated to your unique expression.

Shadow work can be overwhelming especially when there is complex trauma from adverse childhood experiences.


Each of the 5 lessons teaches you how to identify your prime gifts hidden within the charge of trauma/Karma. (feelings and thoughts that overwhelm our experience and keep us in unconscious patterns)

 You will learn how to regulate your nervous system and stay with the guidance of the body to liberate the charged shadow energies and reveal the gifts hidden in your unconscious defence patterns. This facilitates the release of stored survival energies.

If you want to understand the true nature of your shadow, think in terms of benevolence. In what ways has your shadow been a force of kindness?


Your shadow has been holding the pain you couldn't process at the time it was experienced.


Your shadow holds the parts of yourself that you have deemed as unlovable.

Your shadow also holds the light that frightens you because that light might lead to a loss of connection to what is most familiar.


If you could not be accepted in a world that wasn't ready for your fullness, your shadow was acting as a form of benevolence, protecting you.


When you experience divine inspiration in the form of a heart centered desire - your benevolent shadow will bring forth all of the repressed parts of you that have been divorced or fractured from your awareness that are needing to be integrated in order for you to receive what you want.


As Richard Rudd often says, "Every shadow contains the gift", the wrapping of the gift is the stored survival energy, the fear and the feeling of unworthiness.


If you say that you want to embrace more of your light, it is your shadow that will deliver that light to you. The shadow is the protective container holding the light you are seeking.


Your shadow is in service to your awakening.

What is the Activation? 


This is a cosmic journey that illuminates the imprinting and mystical meaning of your life in connection with a higher ordering principle that speaks in the language of frequency to your DNA. Your Gene Keys hologenetic profile is taken from the time and location of your birth and it is a map through the shadows that you will encounter along your awakening journey.

The Gene Keys takes the numbers from your Human Design birth chart, expands on them and creates something called The Golden Path - the Activation Sequence is the introductory part one of the awakening journey along the golden path.

If you don't know anything about the Gene Keys, you can still join this program.

We're taking this information and bringing it back down to earth, helping you integrate  in a practical and tangible way, so you can get RESULTS.

$555 CAD for the whole 5 weeks, plus keep a copy of the training and your custom curated Gene Keys portal for further self study.

"What makes Sarah's guidance so special is that she has the ability to make deeply spiritual work, practical and integratable as well as provide the environment that supports conscious living as a life style of awakening."

This program includes the purchase of
Gene Keys Activation Portal


Access to your Activation sequence in the Gene Keys learning portal never expires and includes all of the information from the book with your purchase of the guided program.

If you already own the Activation Sequence but want to join the classes please use the link below to purchase at the discounted rate

What's inside the journey to unlock your genius?

Image by Sangharsh Lohakare


Weekly Live Sessions

Live session each week hosted by Sarah Shepherd to walk you through the process of unlocking your zone of genius through the frame of your Activation Sequence


Replays & Resources

Lifetime access to all the replays and resources provided so you don't miss a thing, and can go back over the material and deepen your learning, including access to your own Gene Keys portal.



This will be a small group where you will feel supported, seen and heard. You can ask questions, get clarity and feel taken care of in this setting and stay in contact after.

Have you been struggling to connect to YOUR specific purpose?


Your whole life, you've likely been told exactly who you should be...

How to act, what to say, how to fit in, what things are considered "normal", what career choices deem you the most successful...

What if instead you had been taught exactly how to be yourself, to embrace your uniqueness and to take up as much space as you possibly can?

I say it's never too late to take back that power.

What if you could instead create a life of freedom, abundance and purpose that reaches into every corner of your life? Your work, your relationships, your sense of self-worth, your time and your finances?


Your unique zone of genius and specific purpose is hard-wired into your DNA, and you're allowed to access it...

You just haven't been taught how (yet)

The truth is, you don't have to "blow up" your life or do something radical to gain more success, abundance or do the work you're meant to do...

If you've been struggling to find purpose and meaning in your work and you feel stuck, we're going to show you the simple tweaks you can make to create more flow, ease and effortlessness, no matter where you are now in the journey... 

“Freedom, true freedom has nothing to do with how we spend our time on the material plane. True freedom is not an effect. It is a kind of ever-expanding spaciousness that arises spontaneously inside you as you come to understand how deeply victimised you really are by your own core beliefs.”

~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA

$ 555 CAD
$ 444 CAD


The Activation Sequence focuses on 4 spheres that you will dive into in depth and support the nervous system to integrate the shifts as you move to a higher time line.

Image by Tyler Clemmensen

In this guided program you will discover;

  • you have a map showing your Shadow patterns, your Gifts and your potential as a fully realised being

  • how your challenges in life can be the fuel for your creative genius

  • how to create the conditions for breakthrough

  • the importance of cultivating core stability before awakening higher states of consciousness

  • the difference between your outer work (which may change) and your highest purpose (which never changes)

  • embodiment tools for nervous system repatterning that create space in shadow contemplation.

  • principles of energetic hygiene and practices to facilitate your physical body in the process of awakening.

  • a community a fellow minds and hearts earnestly navigating a spiritual revolution.

Testimonial from Dr Kristin Wild

Too many people leave this world with their purpose still inside of them, having lived a life of quiet desperation, wishing and wanting. The only thing standing between you and the greatness that lies within you, is the knowledge and activation to access it.

We're giving you the key - come join us.

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