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Brining presence to the Shadow with Attunement.

The "how" of working with shadow.

Embracing our shadow requires courage, compassion, and a profound willingness to face our fears and insecurities.

Collective group attunement guides us toward this transformative process, reminding us that the shadow is not a mere adversary but a treasure trove of untapped potential and wisdom. By being present with our shadow, we step onto a path of self-acceptance and personal growth.

To be present with our shadow is to recognize that we are multidimensional beings, encompassing both light and darkness within.

The Tribe Awakening approach encourages us to confront and embrace those parts of ourselves that we may have kept hidden or denied. It's an exploration of the uncharted territories of our psyche, where hidden aspects of our personality, emotions, and experiences reside.

One of the key aspects of being present with our shadow is the art of self-reflection. In the stillness of introspection, we begin to recognize the shadows lurking beneath the surface.

These shadows represent the unhealed wounds, unresolved conflicts, and repressed emotions that have been silently shaping our lives. As Hübl beautifully articulates in "Attuned," we come to understand that the shadow is not an enemy to be defeated but a companion to be embraced.

As we journey further into the landscape of our shadow, we learn that it holds the key to understanding our behaviour, relationships, and the recurring patterns that often baffle us. Practicing in this way as a lifestyle invites us to reframe our relationship with our shadow self from one of fear and resistance to one of curiosity and exploration.

In the end, the art of being present with our shadow is an act of self-love. It is a testament to our willingness to embrace our wholeness, recognizing that the light and the shadow are both essential elements of our human experience.

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