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Assisi Awakening
Equinox Retreat

Are you ready to align with your soul and deeply feel the knowing of your being?

This is a mystical facilitated healing retreat and teaching container in balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine using quantum energy healing, Gene Keys teachings, all levels yoga and breath practices, all curated to facilitate slowing down so that YOU can integrate the holistic wisdom in your body.

Align and awaken in Assisi!


September 22-29, 2023
Umbria, Italy.
7 nights, 7 Days
$888 CAD to Aug 22, 2023
$1111 CAD After

What's included

  • Gene Keys - Guided contemplations and hologenetic profile soul readings.

  • Soul Embodiment Activations

  • Dowsing  "play"shops

  • Daily Energy body yoga class

  • Daily Energy body healing refinements

  • Divine masculine and feminine healing ceremonies.

  • Tour of Graces meal invocations

  • Equinox Harmonizing the Earth Cacao Ceremony

Value of  $3433 for only $888/$1111 after August 22, 2023
Image by Enrico Tavian

Venue Location

The venue is really the sacred city of Assisi and the surrounding forest, we have a central location for the group to meet and both hosts will be staying at the Air Bnb listed below.

VIA SERMEI 4, Assisi, Umbria, 06081

Accommodations are quite reasonable and there are many to choose from near by. We are happy to support you in finding a hotel or airBnb.

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A day in the life of a pilgrim of pleasure

Our itinerary is guided by the energy of the day and the group. We have optional tours of cooking classes, truffle foraging and sacred site to St Francis's monastery. Every day will start with optional movement and breath classes for preparing the body for ecstatic experiences, somatic inner journeys and quantum energy healing.

Your soul is LOVE

(or more specifically the frequency of love)

You are embodying your soul when you experience bliss, delight, and deep intimacy leading to rapture.


In this sacred week-long body, soul and heart event we are creating the experience of deep soul  intimacy - the sacred secret sauce to embodied soul living - La dolce vita- opening gateways to a new level of nourishment for your mind body and soul.

This is an unplugged event. Phones for recording photographs and memories are acceptable, but set the intention to end all other communication with the outside world for one week. You are off duty. The world's problems can wait for you while you are in this healing cocoon.


This is a conscious  slow food, slow travel experience  - low stimulus - harvesting the gift of intentional Life pauses. 


The intention is that your body will be in a sacred recalibration and an integration container. The whole experience is curated for DNA transformations to be fully integrated, for this process to be expansive a deliberate slowing down.

Celebrate: BODY

Daily optional sensual movement and breath for all levels, yoga, guided somatic meditations in places like olive groves and sacred sites around Assisi. Celebrate the body with culinary delights, cooking classes and curates restaurant tours and picnics. Celebrate beauty with sweeping vistas, ancient architecture and smiling sparkling eyes.


Contemplate: SOUL

Discover the transformational power of contemplation & conversation with curated teachings of the Gene Keys customized to your soul awakening path. 

Using the hologenetic profile or the map of your soul's journey in this life we will embark upon a light body adventure and weave the contemplative process into the body.


Commune: HEART

Join a very small group of 10 guests and 2 facilitators, all with parallel passions for food, beauty and embodiment. Experience the sweetness of slowing down and bringing ceremony and presence in a region where for centuries, passion pilgrims have journeyed here for healing and harvest 

Carolina Wren Perched on Statue of St. Francis of Assisi in Louisiana Garden.jpg

St Francis of 

One of the best known and most fondly - loved of all Christian Saints, St Francis represents the vast humility and the love for all humans and creatures, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

St Francis's life is also a representation of the complete surrender of the lower self into the arms of the Divine.

More about St Francis of Assisi

"Love suffers as a bird sings" - St Francis

Carolina Wren Perched on Statue of St_edited.jpg
Image by Greg Rakozy

What are the Gene Keys?

Your unique transformational path of awakening

The Golden Path describes a transformational route through your hologenetic profile. This is your own path through the mystery of the Gene Keys, and as you follow it, it may bring about many changes in your life. We will provide you with step-by-step resources to learn, understand, and contemplate your profile in depth. The Golden Path is a voyage of self-illumination, awakening your genius from within.

Image by Manuel Ville Design

Whats not included.

Flight costs, AirBnB and hotel costs, as well as optional group tours, meals, wine and train ticket costs. Please request support in orchestrating flights and accommodations, we are here to help facilitate.

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