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my name is Sarah Shepherd.

After over twenty years working with people as a practitioner and as a serial entrepreneur in health and wellness, I have become expert in the fields of somatic and autonomic nervous systems and conscious entrepreneurship.

My nature is of practical wisdom to guide individuals through initiations, while also mentoring practitioners in their evolution as facilitators of awakening health. I teach how to build online courses, memberships and I specialize in networking.

These programs are developed through my innovative software created in collaboration with my company, Karma Well Health Technologies.


Within the Karma Well platform, we synergise with a network of advanced healing practitioners, I empower my clients to establish health and soul integration over three to eighteen-month programs and containers of transformation.


As a conscious entrepreneur mentor i guide with a unique approach combining modern (software) and ancient (shamanism) technologies, complemented by my two-decade experience as a health and business practitioner.

Above all I love to celebrate my passion for people, I serve as a mentor to wellness practitioners, offering guidance in creative ingenuity, business strategy, technical know-how, marketing expertise, and a wealth of experience gained over my life.

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Next online course offering:

March 22 - June 7th

Guided Gene Keys Venus Sequence with Nervous System Regulation and Mystical Embodiment Practices for Love & Relating.

Leadership for Awakening Souls

We are a match if....

You are ready for a dramatic uplevel and you are eager to see beyond the veil of who you know yourself to be and discover the person you are designed to be.

Your AUTHENTIC SELF - your embodied SOUL.

You are willing to go deep, get vulnerable, and be deeply witnessed in your majesty. 

You want to discover what is blocking your full spectrum aliveness.

You can SENSE that there's something more to life but don't know how to access it You are open minded and curious about new lenses on reality

Sacred Body

Your body is ancient and wise, you dwell within a majestic vessel that can  be programmed by cultural conditioning. I am a masterful practitioner of translating and alchemizing pain, discomfort (stuck energy) using guided breath, movement and massage.

We will work on both the subtle body and the physical body, specifically with your somatic nervous system and your endocrine (hormone) system.

I only work with people that are committed to their awakening health. I build curated body programs to facilitate the highest expression of health.

We help you develop creative sovereignty in your life, and establish a strong foundation for your work, relationships and business. Our program will give you a toolkit of energy technologies and skills with which to grow into the powerful ruler of your inner kingdom. In the process, your outer world will align with your inner vision in seemingly miraculous ways.

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Sacred Soul

Imagine being able to access those patterns …and heal them.

I will help you identify and process those unconscious patterns, so that you’re able to permanently release blockages and conditioned behaviours. You will learn how to do this yourself, in real time, so that in challenging situations or when faced with a trigger, you will stay grounded, focussed and sovereign. (Imagine doing this in a meeting, silently, and watching the effect of your presence on the whole group! Believe me, it works).

Becoming viscerally aware of where you end and the rest of the world begins - and how to modulate the exchange of dynamic energy between you - is a powerful tool for positively shaping the space around you and a quality of embodied leadership.

My work is soul-sourced and in service to the Sacred. I act as a partner and ally to your soul, helping you forge a meaningful, reciprocal relationship with your body, your soul and with the soul of your business.

Mystical Business

You came here on a mission. You are likely guided here to work with me because there is an unshakable part of you that knows that. I am a teacher of Human Design and a Gene Keys Guide. These are tools to align with your gifts and your essence.

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Social Proof

Sarah’s human design & gene keys readings are so enlightening and enlivening. This is definitely her mastery, supporting you to ‘feel’ your soul map and to make clear connections for next steps and alignments in your life. I really enjoy reaching out to book sessions based on a specific sticky point or desire in my life, i feel oriented, clearer, heard & seen. Her experience as a practitioner of many body based modalities is felt in how she holds the space. She opens portals with her words & her clarity activates the potency within.

Courtney Wren Mabbutt MSW, RSW, Medicine Woman

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