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Soul Somatic Couples Capsule

6 or 12 Week Healing and Awakening Online Retreat

  • Ended
  • 5,555 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Are you and your partner yearning to rekindle the profound connection that brought you together? Do you seek a deeper understanding of each other's souls and a renewed sense of intimacy and love? Welcome to "Soul Somatic Couples Capsule," a transformative 6-week somatic therapy program designed to reawaken the magic of your relationship using the power of the Venus Sequence from the Gene Keys. About the Program: In this unique and intimate journey, guided by an experienced somatic practitioner and Gene Keys guide, you and your partner will embark on a profound exploration of your souls and the energies that bind you together. Drawing upon the wisdom of the Gene Keys, particularly the Venus Sequence, this program will help you unlock the hidden potential within your relationship. What to Expect: Embodied Healing: Through somatic therapy techniques, you will learn to release stored tensions, traumas, and emotional blockages that may be hindering your connection. This embodied approach allows you to tap into the wisdom of your body, facilitating healing and rejuvenation. Gene Keys Wisdom: The Venus Sequence within the Gene Keys offers a roadmap to understanding the dynamics of your relationship on a deeper level. You'll explore your individual Gene Keys profiles and discover how they interact to create the unique tapestry of your partnership. Soulful Practices: Each week, you'll engage in soulful practices and rituals that bring you closer to your partner. These practices may include meditation, breathwork, movement, and communication exercises, all tailored to enhance your connection. Personalized Guidance: Your somatic therapist and Gene Keys guide will provide one-on-one support and guidance throughout the program, helping you navigate any challenges and breakthroughs that arise. Community and Support: Connect with other couples on a similar journey, sharing insights, challenges, and victories in a supportive and nurturing community. In this capsule program you will meet each week individually once per week and then as a couple with your somatic and gene keys practitioner. This program includes a self study and maintenance course so that you can keep growing deeper in your intimacy in the years to come. Who Should Join: Couples seeking to deepen their emotional, spiritual, and physical connection. Those open to somatic therapy and the transformative potential of the Gene Keys.

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3919 21st Avenue, Vernon, BC, Canada

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